atlantis - come to life

“Come to Life" is a celebration of Bahamian culture and an invitation to the rest of the world to discover this unique blend of island charm and creative sophistication, raw energy and deep history. Accompanied with a voiceover inspired by the national anthem and the coat of arms, we embark on a visual journey that provides an intimate peek into Atlantis Resort and the spirit of the Bahamas through the soul of fifteen Bahamian artists, musicians and designers.

Per-Hampus Stålhandske

Per-Hampus grew up in a village in northern Sweden. He discovered filmmaking through his passion for snowboarding and started filming his eclectic friends at the local ski-hills and makeshift mini-ramps. Before long he was following the top athletes around the world creating iconic snowboard films in some of the earliest forms of branded content.

His years in snow culminated in the creation of Nike’s 2014 flagship film, Never Not. A ground-breaking sports documentary, reaching the top of the iTunes charts worldwide and starring olympic gold medallist Sage Kotsenburg. The film not only captures the true essence of snowboarding, but really provided a deep insight into a hard to reach youth culture market.

Much like the nordic landscape that shaped him, Per has a uniquely beautiful vision for the world. Capturing all nuances of youth culture and sports with an authentic and cinematic approach.